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Corps minéral

Inspired by geology, science fiction, and documentary archives, corps minéral integrates a narrative co-written by Gabrielle HB and Charline Dally (le désert mauve). The film connects the spaces of our lives and of our sensible experiences with geological phenomena of immeasurable temporality. The layers of memory, whether they are contained in the rock or in our cells, are part of a cycle from sedimentation to disintegration. The work invites us to apprehend these processes with attention and empathy in order to consider their slowness as a means to heal even the deepest fractures.


Charline Dally is an artist based between Lille (France) and the unceded territories of Montréal/Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang. She is currently studying at Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains, following a training in visual arts at UQAM (Montreal), as well as in self-hypnosis as a creative tool at creative tool at the Gaïté Lyrique. Her practice investigates perceptual thresholds, subtle shades of light and color, as well as in those bodies and voices that dwell at the limits of the visible.
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Using the qualities specific to video medium, writing, and painting, she aims to soften the limits of the gaze to make it evolve beyond the surface that holds it. Her work has been presented at MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto), Place des Arts (Montreal), MUTEK (Montréal et Buenos Aires+Barcelone), MEM (Bilbao), OMAF (Séoul), Noviembre Electrónico (Buenos Aires), and Les Abattoirs – FRAC Occitanie (Toulouse). She has realized artistic residencies at Signal Culture (Owego, NY), Eastern Bloc (Montreal), and SAT – Société des Arts Technologiques (Montreal).

Gabrielle HB is a sound artist working between the unceded territories of Nitaskinan and Tiohtià:ke, Qc. She uses voice, words, synthesisers and field recording to generate works, oscillating between free improvisation and slow composition. Through her projects and daily life – and the boundaries are vague – she searches for ways to access more subtlety, care and slowness. She studied Digital Music at the University of Montreal and holds a master degree in Sound Arts from the London College of Communications.

She is half of Le désert mauve (Charline Dally), an audiovisual duo playing soft synthesis, and half of Jardin (Florence Garneau), a new music ensemble playing ambient minimalist music guided by textscores. Her album Playing the Daily Scores was presented during the Suoni per il Popolo festival (2020). She is currently conducting a research creation around the weight of silence and painful memories, in a participative approach.

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  • Regista

    Charline Dally, Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin
  • Regista

    Charline Dally, Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin


  • Titolo progetto

    Corps minéral
  • Categoria concorso

    Video Arte
  • Durata

    5 minuti
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