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Feeling blue

Feeling blue (Partir) is inspired by the death of my sister Corinne.

This videopoem is about the loss of a loved one and the illusion of escaping the pain by going away. It’s the headlong rush to try to forget what we always carry within ourselves. No one can leave memories and prevent the blues. The obsessive search for the lost one acts like a litany in our mind. The dark is searching for colors, although only one gets our attention : the blue, the blue of her eyes, the blues we feel tinting everything around in one tone. This litany is obsessive but also comforting as it is the expression of the filial connection that survives.


Mathieu Samaille has studied literature, drama and digital arts. He has worked in London and Paris and presently lives and works in Montréal.
In 2018, his experience in interdisciplinary arts, including writing, directing and editing, led to an interest in Video-Poetry, an experimental artform that explores the synaesthesia between text, sound and image, and anchors poetry in the 21st century digital processes.
He was awarded the Grand-Prize of Video-Poetry at the Festival de la poésie de Montréal 2019 and he is currently preparing an installation of his work with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts.

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    Mathieu Samaille
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    Mathieu Samaille


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