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Successor of grass

Inspired by 2 poets, one from Quebec, Gilles Cyr and the other from France, Francis Ponge and his Parti pris des choses, Successeur des herbes is the second collaboration between Mériol Lehmann and Sylvain Campeau. The short poetic sequence of the second one encircles the figure of the tree while the camera makes it emerge from its field and its foliage. This Successeur… is still an unpublished text, of a duration of 5 minutes in this video version, but could be part of a collection of poems in the near future.


  • Regista

    Mériol Lehmann
  • Regista

    Mériol Lehmann


  • Titolo progetto

    Quel posto nel tempo
  • Categoria concorso

  • Genere

    Drammatico, sociale, storico
  • Durata

    1 ora, 27 minuti
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